A Japanese Mother Learns from Her Bilingual Children



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テキサス州は米国の腹です。筆者のテキサスひらめは、そこの腹の真ん中、ヘソとも言える州都オースティンで、3人の子供を育てながら四半世紀を過ごしました。今や職業人となった彼らが集まったある日、夫との会話に現われるshit の多さに興味を抱き、耳を傾けました。

bullshit, horseshit, chickenshit, apeshit, batshit (牛糞、馬糞、鶏糞、猿糞、蝙蝠糞)。呆れるほどイメージ豊かなshit 表現の数々を聞き取り、さらに映画に現われる数々のshit も調査考察しました。豊富な例文、58のカラーイラストが入った、ゆるいエッセー風の解説書です。

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If we think of Texas as the belly of the United States, Texas Hirame lives in the very belly button. That is, she lives in Austin, the capital of Texas. In fact, she has spent a quarter of a century in Austin raising three children. At a recent family gathering, Texas Hirame noticed that the conversation of these three grown children with their father contained a remarkable number of variations on the word ‘shit’ – she was intrigued.

Bullshit, horseshit, chickenshit, apeshit, batshit. An amazing abundance of shit-related imagery appeared over and over. She also noticed that popular movies were full of shit references as well. After a thorough investigation into the meaning and application of these expressions, she documented her impressions with 58 color sketches and wove them into this whimsical exploration of this corner of the English language.

Nine Chapters, Glossary, End Notes, Index

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